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    Kristin Jones

    OwnerHead CoachCrossFit Level 1 TrainerCooper Certified Personal TrainerGroup Fitness InstructorBootcamp InstructorCrossFit Endurance TrainerCrossFit Mobility TrainerI am a wife and the mother of two precious children. We as a family have made fitness a part of our daily lives. I have fought through my own weight loss journey after the birth of our son 7 yrs ago.   Read More...

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    Jocelyn Craft

    CrossFit Level 1 TrainerBootcamp Certified TrainerFitness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Being the mother of two VERY active boys, it’s important to stay on top of my game. I have trained in global gyms for more than 15 years, doing the typical biceps and triceps one day, legs second day, and back and shoulders the next.   Read More...

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    Michael Happel

    CrossFit Level 1 TrainerI am a firefighter/paramedic for Dallas Fire Rescue, being in top physical condition is a top priority for my career. CrossFit has helped me in many aspects of the job physically and mentally. Prior to CrossFit I trained for Ironman and can hands down say CrossFit has challenged me in more ways that any triathlon did.   Read More...

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    Dameon Burcie

    CrossFit Level 1 TrainerI am a husband and father of three boys. I have been married since July of 99′. I’ve been involved in fitness and competitive sports as long as I can remember.   Read More...

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