Ahlee Reinhart

Ahlee Reinhart


Front Squat 155#

Back Squat 190#

Thruster 125#

Deadlift 225#

Snatch 100#


CrossFit L1 Trainer

About Coach

I was born and raised in Prineville, Oregon. I grew up in a very western lifestyle where multiple family members owned or managed their own ranches. Many of my siblings and cousins, as well as myself, competed in the sport of rodeo. Shortly after I started rodeo, I began dancing. As I continued to grow up I wanted to give every sport a shot because I loved the idea of being an athlete. After some time, I stepped away from rodeo and focused more on dance while trying different sports on the side. I maintained this hectic lifestyle for most of my elementary and middle school years. Once I reached this point I knew I needed to pick one thing and solely have my attention on that. That was the point when I started competitive dance and continued it for the next 5 years. During this time was when I began to really get into working out. When I wasn't at the studio, I searched for all the workouts I could do at home on youtube. Once I started to watch these videos I realized I had an interest in trying a different kind of workout such as lifting weights. At the time my dad did not think that was a good idea so instead, I started watching more youtube videos, but this time, about proper lifting techniques. Once I decided to stop dancing I also decided to graduate high school early. I then started going to commercial gyms and training myself as often as I could. I graduated high school in 2021 and continued with this lifestyle for a few more months before one day deciding to pack everything up and move away.

Turning Point

In November of 2021, at 17 years old, I moved away from home and ended up in Texas to further my education. My oldest sister had been living in Stephenville, where I joined her for a few months before relocating to Midlothian. Once I moved, I experienced a huge emotional shock. I walked away from everything and everyone I ever knew. I struggled with depression and anxiety from trying to balance my workload and school load. Shortly after moving to Midlothian, I spoke with my father on the phone and he said to me, "Why don't you look around for a CrossFit gym around there? Maybe you can meet some people and make new friends." It was the perfect opportunity for me to, not only try something new but to try something I had been wanting to do for so many years. From this point on CrossFit took over my life in the best way. I have made not just friends but a non-biological family that I never could imagine living without. CrossFit allowed me to get out of my head and gain my mental health back. I found myself excited to go to the gym every day. I loved that there was always something that I couldn't do. It provided me with something that I can work on for the rest of my life.

Motivation & Passion

I started CrossFit in April of 2022 with no intentions of ever becoming a coach. After several months, Coach Robert was actually the first person to have ever brought it up to me. He had mentioned the CrossFit L1 course and told me to look into it. I did my research and knew I was going to have to wait till I was 18, which happened to be only a couple of months away. I began looking for a course that was close to the area and as soon as I found one, I immediately signed up. During this whole process, I was excited to attend this course to learn about the CrossFit Methodology and to perfect my technique but Coach/Owners Kris & Robert had spoken to me about becoming a coach at their gym. I was extremely hesitant at first because I never saw myself becoming a coach or knowing if I would be any good at it. After taking some time to let everything sink in, it clicked. I was determined to become a great coach to change someone else’s life just like the coaches I had, changed mine.

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