Bryce Geen

Bryce Geen


Clean & Jerk 277#

Snatch 225#

Deadlift 425#

Bench Press 292#


Bachelor’s of Science- Interdisciplinary Studies (KNES/PSYC), Dallas Baptist University

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

CrossFit Strongman Trainer

CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer

CrossFit Endurance Trainer

CrossFit Striking Trainer

CrossFit Conjugate Methods Trainer

About Coach

-Served in the U.S. Navy from 2009 to 2013 as a Master-At-Arms (Security Forces/Military Police). -Finished the Dallas Marathon in 2018 -Competed at The Fittest Experience (Rx Teams) in 2019 in Austin, TX -Competed at the Cascade Classic (Rx Individual) in 2019 in Seattle, WA

Turning Point

I started working out when I was 15, after watching “Batman Begins.” Being an impressionable teenager, the idea of absconding to a super-secret ninja training camp to become a stronger person stuck with me. That led to me getting into football in high school and eventually joining the Navy after researching Navy SEAL training. However, during my time in service, I realized the training itself appealed to me more than the job.

Motivation & Passion

Simply put, I want to train people to “be strong to be useful,” and I acknowledge that hard work is the path to becoming a more capable human being. While setting a snatch PR is fantastic, the grit that one develops from doing difficult things transcends the gym.

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