Cara Geen

Cara Geen


300lb club for deadlift.

Sub 4 minute Grace.

2K Row in sub 8.


Crossfit Level 1

Certified Precision Nutrition Coach

About Coach

I’ve been an athlete my entire life. From being on ESPN for competitive cheer to standing on a collegiate soccer field, athletics has always been a passion of mine. Later in my adult life, I also realized how important athletics is for my mental health. I have struggled with anxiety for the past decade and I am proud to say that fitness has been the outlet I needed to avoid medication. Like many athletes, I had dreams of stepping on the competition floor and in 2021 I qualified and got the chance to compete at The Fittest Experience. On a smaller scale, I have won several karate tournaments, completed tough mudders and spartan races, and I look forward to competing in the future.

Turning Point

I have always struggled with body dysmorphia. I know looks aren’t everything but I have found that when I look my best I feel my best and when I don’t, I tend to spiral out of control. I knew channeling my energy into something positive would be an all-around win. I’ve also always known that I wanted to be in a line of work that involved helping people. When I became super involved in the fitness industry I knew that I was right where I wanted to be. I was finally making an income while making an impact. It has been such a rewarding experience!

Motivation & Passion

I wanted to help people and experience what it is like to have a rewarding career. I’ve always known I didn’t want to sit at a desk. I love interacting with people and being part of their growth. I’ve found some of my closest friends and the love of my life through CrossFit. I wanted to be a part of a community that showed people what they were capable of, provided a safe space for them to be who they are, and a group of people who reassure them that they are worthy always. My motivation is definitely my kids. I want to set an example of what a healthy lifestyle looks like inside and out.

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