Kris Gill

Kris Gill



Dead lift:210



Fran:6:29 scaled-ringrows


About Coach

I am a Mother of 4 beautiful children and wife to co-owner and Coach Robert Gill. I grew up in Southern California for most of my life. I played soccer for 13 years went to Cal State Fullerton and moved to Texas in 2010.

Turning Point

In my senior year of high school, I was involved in a car accident that left me unable to walk for multiple weeks into months with lengthy therapy and Chiropractic for years I was never able to play my favorite sport as I wanted. What’s up from that day until I found Crossfit I was Never able to run or lift weights without being in excruciating pain the following day. I have tried many types of exercise programs, but none held my interest. Working out felt boring, or like punishment, with a spinal injury it limited my range of motion with no weight overhead, I would end up quitting before I really ever started. Finally, I gave in to CrossFit and fell in love with it. Thanks to my husband Coach Robert, my chiropractor other coaches working around and through my injuries, Exercise is no longer a chore, in fact, I looked forward to every class and now lifting more and more Weight overhead.

Motivation & Passion

I formally worked in the medical field, I worked in ICU, trauma unit, urgent care, and family practice. My job kept me on my toes and had its ups and downs but this is where I found my passion for helping others. Coach Robert and I have been wanting to open a gym for a few years. We moved to this area in September 2020. When we decided to open Crossfit Midlothian I knew I was going to continue to use my passion for helping and serving others.

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