Raegan Corbin

Raegan Corbin


The bike & rower are my JAM. Really anything cardio.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

I'm Raegan, I'm 26 years old, I live in Midlothian with my husband and we are currently pregnant with our first child. I've lived in Midlothian my whole life and basically, all I've ever known is sports because both of my parents are high school coaches. I was a very active child, playing all little league sports I could find. I also played middle school and high school sports but my main focus was volleyball. I played year-round from school volleyball to club volleyball, to beach volleyball every summer. Unfortunately, I did get burnt out and I did not end up playing college ball. BUT, I did attend Texas A&M University (the best college around - in my opinion) for my undergraduate degree in Psychology. I am currently an Elementary Special Needs Teacher at Midlothian ISD.

Turning Point

In college, I was very inactive due to the fact that no one was telling me "I had to" anymore. No more practices, no more games. I was very unaware of the changes in my body at the time due to my changing metabolism and not working out. During my 4 years of college, I would attend workout classes irregularly and sometimes eat healthily. There was ZERO consistency. Returning home from college I started working out more regularly and I was able to get into a routine with a healthier lifestyle. The only problem was I still couldn't lose the weight I had gained. Upon finding CrossFit I was really searching for a community that could help hold me accountable for the lifestyle I wanted to live. I clearly had no idea what it could truly bring to the table; community, a family, an outlet, fun, goal-setting, and goal-achievement. CrossFit turned my life around in many ways and I'm so glad I found my CrossFit family.

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about coaching because I want to see others succeed and achieve their goals. There is nothing like getting a PR that you have been reaching for or even just succeeding in a skill that has been difficult in the past. I want others to find a community that supports the lifestyle they want to live. I want to coach people that want to achieve goals and HAVE FUN!

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